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Anti-corruption programme auditing is vital in ensuring continuous improvement of the programme. It is fundamental for organisations to monitor and audit their programme once the programme has been established in order to identify any areas of weaknesses in the system which should be improved. Trident has the expertise to audit anti-corruption programme benchmarked against the Adequate Procedures or ISO 37001:2016 as well as offer training and guidance in this area.

What We Provide

Conducting a thorough audit on the adequate procedures programme is one of the important components of the AP Guidelines, as stated in Principle IV: Systematic Review, Monitoring and Enforcement. It is essential for organisations to conduct regular reviews to assess the performance, efficiency and effectiveness of the anti-corruption programme, and ensure the programme is enforced.

Conducting the audits requires a degree of technical expertise, so some companies prefer a specialist external auditor to carry out the work: a task Trident is well-equipped to do. Other companies seek help in equipping their own internal audit teams to do this, and so require training in this field: something Trident is also well-set up to provide. Contact us for more information on our anti-corruption programme auditing and training services.

For a successful ISO 37001:2016 certification process, organisations are required to ensure that the ABMS has everything in place. Trident provides an ISO 37001 Readiness Check service to identify any areas which need attention before the organisation proceeds to certification.

We also provide ongoing auditing services to keep the system in good shape and check compliance with procedures managing corruption key risks. Our ISO 37001 auditors have the experience to:

  • Conduct your regular audits on an outsourced basis;
  • Conduct ad hoc audits where specialist skills are needed; or
  • Train your own internal audit team for them to build their capacity they need to do the job themselves with confidence.

Call us to explore the best approach for you and how we can help in this area.

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