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What is the ISO 37001: 2016 Anti-Bribery Management System (ABMS)?

ISO 37001:2016

We’ve mentioned that ISO 37001 is our strength, but what exactly is it and what comprises this international standard?

ISO 37001:2016 for Anti-Bribery Management System (ABMS) sets the international standard for companies seeking to implement anti-corruption systems. Under the National Anti-Corruption Plan of Malaysia 6.2.4 it is proposed that companies bidding for government contracts will require the ISO as prerequisite. As a certifiable standard the ISO also gives assurance to the Board and top management that the company has implemented “adequate procedures” as their protection against an MACC Act Section 17A prosecution. So there are several good reasons to consider going for ISO 37001.

Trident Integrity has brought several major companies through the process to successful ISO 37001 certification, with Dr Lovatt being a PECB qualified Lead Implementer. Several members of the Trident team have also managed ISO 37001 projects through to completion.

We offer several services, from the initial gap analysis to full implementation and pre-certification auditing. Whichever stage you are at on the ISO 37001, please contact us to decide how we can best help you to achieve your certification.

What We Provide

Our ISO 37001 Gap Analysis exercise identifies areas in your anti-corruption programme that need to be put in place or enhanced to meet the ISO 37001:2016 standard. Trident assesses your current documentation using a comprehensive Excel-based profiling tool which covers all the requirements of the ISO. The resulting report sets out the work areas needed to close the gaps ready for to go forward for certification.  The gap analysis can be a stand-alone exercise to check your current status and identify your work plan; or it can form the first stage of your certification journey so that existing items are identified and assessed.

As experienced implementers Trident often helps companies take forward the programme to certification. Contact us for more information on doing your gap analysis and other services if those are required.

Trident has an excellent track record in assisting organisations to achieve ISO 37001:2016 for Anti-Bribery Management Systems (ABMS) certification successfully. Our wide range of experience and research means we understand what the various sections of the ISO require and how they should be implemented in practical, effective ways, adding value to the organisation through the programme and helping ensure your ISO also meets the standards of the adequate procedures required as a defence under the MACC Act Section 17A.

Our approach is to tailor the programme to the individual company using the ISO 37001 framework, making good use of existing policies and procedures the company is familiar with, with enhancements where necessary. For companies with little or no anti-corruption materials in place we have a comprehensive set of materials ready to implement with the necessary modifications to suit your business operation.

Training on corruption risk assessment and ABMS auditing is also normally included, to equip your own teams to continue managing the programme in the long term. Included in our package is Board and senior management training which covers not only the key policies and procedures but also their own roles and responsibilities so they are well prepared to make the programme a success.

In addition to these areas Trident provides independent advice on the most suitable Certifying Body to use, and provides support through the certification process. Through this end to end approach we make the ISO 37001 journey as straightforward, practical and effective as possible.

For a smooth and successful ISO 37001:2016 certification process, organisations should ensure that the ABMS documentation is properly prepared. Trident provides a ISO Precertification Check to identify any areas that still need preparation before proceeding to certification. Contact us for more information on how we can help you get ready for that all-important Certifying Body audit.

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