Advanced technology has a major role to play in providing effective solutions to prevent, detect and combat corruption. Trident has the expertise in data analytics, blockchain and artificial intelligence to provide independent insight on which technologies would be best suited to your operation, whether you are from a company, government department or enforcement agency. Our CEO Dr Mark Lovatt works with UNDP on the Private Sector Advisory Group as an expert in this field.

Options include:

  • Data analytics to identify actions, transactions or patterns indicating corruption and fraud
  • Process mining to identify dysfunctional processes and non-compliance for focused attention
  • Near-real-time and real-time monitoring to assist in detection of corruption and other non-compliance issues
  • Blockchain applications to safeguard processes against falsification and tampering
  • Artificial intelligence to accelerate responses, identify high-risk activities and transactions and numerous other applications

Contact us to discuss your area of interest in data analytics, blockchain or artificial intelligence: we are always keen to explore ideas and identify effective solutions using the most suitable technology.