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Why is training on anti-corruption and business ethics important?


As many companies establish their adequate procedures as a protection against the MACC Section 17A, training emerges as a key component of the programme. Indeed, the second ‘T’ of the T-R-U-S-T principles is Training & Communication:

Adequate Procedures Principles: T.R.U.S.T

4.1 Top Level Management

4.2 Risk Assessment

4.3 Undertake Control Measures

4.4 Systematic Review, Monitoring and Enforcement

4.5 Training and Communication

By establishing awareness and understanding via the training, key members of the company are equipped to successfully manage situations which could give rise to corruption and so endanger the well-being of themselves and the company.

The training for the Board of Directors is particularly crucial. By gaining an in-depth understanding of the legislation, requirements of the TRUST principles and their role as directors in effectively managing the programme for long-term success, the Board can be assured of its role and directors can take on their new responsibilities with confidence. Trident’s training approach is highly interactive, with case studies, scenarios, online polling and time for discussion. This secures the directors’ engagement and enables them to explore the issue in a confidential session with a highly experienced, internationally-recognised expert, Dr Lovatt.

Senior management and general members of staff need to be well-trained so that each person is able to play their part in raising the Level of Integrity and in keeping the company healthy. Also, some specialist functions such as risk management, compliance and internal audit often need training so they are able to perform their roles effectively. Frontline positions such as sales, government liaison and procurement where corruption is a common feature of the landscape should also be well-equipped through good-quality training to manage situations they are likely to be experiencing ensure they respond correctly

Dr Lovatt also trains on the broader area of business ethics: an increasingly important component of sustainable business. Dr Lovatt has conducted sessions for major financial institutions, regulators and other parties in this important field covering matters such as integrity, human rights, environmental responsibility and conflicts of interest.

Trident’s Interactive Approach

Trident’s approach is to combine expert knowledge with practical insight, scenarios, polls and discussion time to engage the attention of the participants and create a safe space for them to ask honest questions about the subject and their own role in combatting corruption. Through the interactive approach taken, the company’s policies and procedures come to life, equipping the participants to perform their duties successfully on an ongoing basis. Our trainers’ extensive experience is put to work to make the session well-informed, relevant and stimulating: a powerful combination which dramatically enhances the performance of the anti-corruption programme.

What to do now?

Please contact us to explore your requirements further. We will then prepare your programme to deliver insightful, impactful training using the approach best suited to your needs, whether it be a one-off session or ongoing series. We look forward to hearing from you.

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