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What we do

Our Services

Our services related to the company’s operations, including information technology, intended for operational management, which may be different depending on the industrial sector (technology director, plant managers, operations directors, Research and Development managers), for instance COO and CTO.

Integrity Pacts

Has the procurement process in your company been checked for corruption points or had integrity measures installed? The World Economic Forum (WEF) estimates that corruption increases the price of contracts worldwide by 10% and 25 % in developing countries. A saving of even half this amount can substantially improve your company’s financial performance.

Integrity Pacts (IPs) have been used successfully worldwide to plug the leakages arising from misconduct in the allocation and management of contracts. The Pacts are bilateral agreements whereby each party agrees to abide by a code of conduct which prohibits certain behaviours which give rise to corruption.

Successful Integrity Pacts are built on top of existing policies, including a clear Code of Business Conduct; Sanctions to Misconduct; and a monitoring process that may include a Whistleblowing policy and procedure. These Pacts are extremely beneficial to your company as they are able to reduce corruption costs, clarify the duties and expectations of staff and suppliers with regards to corruption, and boost overall morale.

Trident Integrity can help you establish an effective standalone IP System that can be adapted into your company’s existing procedures, or as part of the foundations of a more comprehensive corporate integrity system.

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Building Coalitions for Business Integrity

Some corruption challenges are too large for a single entity to tackle alone, which is why Trident Integrity advocates the importance of collective action initiatives that are an effective tool in the fight against public-private sector corruption. “Collective action” is a form of organised activity by a group of people to address any issue.

While individual or small-to-medium sized companies are usually unable to wield influence in government or public agencies, collective action groups are able to harness the combined strength of multiple business entities to engage government and make significant change.

Trident Integrity provides Governments, NGOs and other organisations with assistance in designing and building effective coalitions in order to tackle the issues that matter the most to them. Trident will work closely with you and your partner organisations to plan, design, implement and manage your business coalition to ensure that you are able to directly address industry challenges. Each coalition we design is tailored to the nature of your needs and the landscape of each environment.

Trident offers access to international experts, and on-going support and solutions to ensure the success of your coalition. We combine our own experience with recognised best practice and research in order to develop the most effective strategy in our services.

Trident has previously worked to develop the Business Integrity Alliance (BIA), which is a collective action group aimed at combating private sector corruption in Malaysia.

Conference Speaking

As a thought-leader in the business integrity space, Trident Integrity has been invited to speak at conferences in Malaysia and around the world. Our staff has been featured at a variety of conferences on issues of trust, procurement, fraud and integrity.

Our CEO, Dr Mark Lovatt, is an internationally-recognised speaker on anti-corruption and integrity practitioner. He previously worked with Transparency International Malaysia, where he developed integrity programmes that have since been adopted by other TI chapters, particularly those in Southeast Asia. He has spoken at many conferences across the region and has been featured in various media, including BFM Radio and The Edge newspaper.

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