A well-designed Business Code of Conduct and Ethics (BCoCE) is an essential tool for companies serious about establishing high standards of integrity for their operation and presence in the marketplace. The Code sets out the company’s position on important areas such as bribery and corruption, conflicts of interest, data protection, the environment and human rights in a single document for general reference, available both internally and to external stakeholders. Companies with an effective Code will be able to communicate the behaviour expected by the company on these ethical matters as determined by the Board to both their staff and business associates.

The Malaysian Code on Corporate Governance emphasises the importance of a BCoCE in Section 3. The Code sets the tone from the top and is to be published on the company’s website. Anti-corruption plays an important part, so with MACC Act Section 17A now in force, it is worthwhile reviewing your Code (if you already have one) to make sure the essential areas are covered.

Trident Integrity has experience in reviewing, writing and updating BCoCEs, primarily as part of our work of developing comprehensive Section 17A adequate procedures but also as a stand-alone exercise. Our expertise in policy writing ensures that your company will have a well-written Code that states clearly the company’s position and builds your reputation as a company of integrity.

Contact us to know more about our Business Code of Conduct and Ethics writing services. We can help you develop a well-written Code that really works for your company.