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Integrity surveys are extremely useful to identify the effectiveness of your anti-corruption programme and establish the Level of Integrity of the organisation.

Our Integrity Survey is designed to pick up key items of information on the effectiveness of your anti-corruption programme from right across the company by using an online survey platform. By the careful design of the survey, we create a snapshot of the current level of awareness of key elements of your programme such as guidelines on gifts and hospitality, where to report misconduct, or what to do if they are asked to pay a bribe. This tests how effective your training and communication has been so far, and what areas to focus on to really get the message across.

The survey also helps establish whether your people see the company as being serious about ethics and integrity, how likely they actually are to make a report through the whistleblowing channel (and if not, why not), and other useful information.

We also include the supply chain in the survey to see how aware they are of your position on bribery and corruption, how likely they are to pay a bribe if it is demanded, and how likely they are to report serious incidents through the whistleblowing channel: important information when MACC Act Section 17A makes your company, directors and management responsible for acts committed by your business associates.

As an independent external party we often get a more accurate picture of what people think compared to surveys done in-house. Trident has conducted surveys over many years for companies from 1,000 employees to those with over 30,000 people. The detailed report we provide helps you to plan well to increase the effectiveness of your anti-corruption programme. Also, the survey can be repeated, creating a benchmark to assess the impact of your anti-corruption programme and increasing Level of Integrity over the years, creating assurance for your board and top management based on hard data from an independent professional source.

Contact us to find out more about how we run the survey and how you can use it to test the effectiveness of your anti-corruption programme.

Our Integrity Survey case studies are as per below:

A major telecommunications company was seeking to test the level of understanding and awareness of the company’s policies and procedures relating to corruption both internally and with its business associates. As an expert in the field, Trident was appointed to deliver the survey.

Using online survey engine, Trident prepared a bespoke survey tailored specifically to the client’s needs. Specific questions were asked, which if answered in the affirmative resulted in additional logic sequences guiding the participant through a set of additional questions to gain more information. This was particularly important for identifying whether personnel or business associates were under pressure from various parties to pay bribes. Since the survey was conducted by independent external party under conditions of confidentiality, participants were able to reveal information which would almost certainly would not otherwise have been disclosed.

The results of the survey were compiled into a report which made interesting reading for the management. Areas of concern could then be addressed by the Compliance Department and the company’s integrity programme significantly enhanced.

A major GLC with 35,000 personnel was interested to understand more about the Level of Integrity of the company. This involved Trident conducting an Integrity Survey for the company’s own staff and also its supply chain using a tailored survey approach specific to the areas of interest the company was seeking to know more about.

Prior to the survey, Trident worked with the Integrity Department and Corporate Communications team to prepare a series of messages through multiple sources to maximise the response rate. Following the communications exercise the survey was launched, with several reminders sent to the targeted participants to maximise take-up.

Once the survey was completed the data was anonymized and prepared for presentation. The result was of great interest to the top management and enabled the Integrity Department to focus its activities on areas which needed to be addressed. The survey and resulting action plan significantly enhanced the Level of Integrity of the company and also created a benchmark for the company to use in future to assess the ongoing impact of its integrity programme and consequent Level of Integrity.

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