What is the ISO 37001: 2016 Anti-Bribery Management System?

ISO 37001

We’ve mentioned that ISO 37001 is our strength, but what exactly is it and what comprises this international standard?

In 2016, the International Standards Organisation launched its very first anti-bribery management system, the ISO 37001, in response to trillions of dollars lost globally each year due to bribery and corruption. The International Monetary Fund estimates that nations and businesses around the world lose around US$1.5 to 2 trillion every year. Tremendous amounts of money are wasted and businesses are incurring untold liabilities due to the acts of a greedy few.

ISO 37001 weaves together the different measures and systems created around the world by various business entities, resulting in a global best practice framework designed specifically for establishing integrity programmes. The standard assures international investors, potential business partners and clients that the ISO 37001-certified organisation has the controls, systems, and programmes in place that ensure the integrity of their operations and protect against corruption losses and potential corporate liability.

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We at Trident Integrity are experienced implementers of ISO 37001, being a pioneer and thought-leader in the field of business integrity. We can help your company create and establish a corporate integrity programme that’s worthy of international certification.

Our expert and capable team is led by CEO Dr Mark Lovatt, a PECB-certified Lead Implementer of ISO 37001 with many years of experience in anti-corruption work, as well as our pool of leading anti-corruption and risk management consultants. Our portfolio is full of corporations we’ve worked with in establishing integrity systems and related programmes .

Contact us now for more information on ISO 37001 and how we can help your business protect against corruption.